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Best Pump Up Songs in Sports

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Everybody loves to listen to heart pounding, motivational songs before any competition starts. Playing the right song can inspire and mentally give athletes the boost needed to go out and give it their all. Getting the crowd on their feet is also necessary since a roaring crowd can then inspire the players. The following songs are sure to get the adrenaline flowing for both fans and athletes before the game starts.

Gonna Fly Now

This song by Bill Conti was the theme for the Rocky movies and is one of the most inspirational songs of all time. It’s got a strong instrumental background and great lyrics. Almost everybody knows the song and will sing along with it. People also associate the song with Rocky and that’s a great way to motivate everyone if the team happens to be the underdog. The only thing more inspiring than listening to the song is watching Rocky Balboa run up those steps in Philadelphia.

The Final Countdown

This song by Europe has both strong vocals and music that will get you on your feet. The lyrics are right in step with how fans and athletes feel right before the game starts. This song has often been used to rally the crowd before their team comes out on the court or the field. This is great song to get the crowd pumped if your team happens to make the playoffs.

We Will Rock You / We are the Champions

This classic by Queen never gets old. This is basically two songs that are usually rolled into one. The first part almost always gets the crowd stomping their feet and clapping their hands to the strong beat. Freddy Mercury’s intense vocals translate into electric energy that always gets the crowd going. It’s another song that almost everyone knows by heart and getting a crowd all singing this together would motivate almost any team or player.

Heart of a Champion

This pump up song by Nelly starts out with music that sounds like it was made for a big budget Hollywood production. Nelly even sounds like he’s sweating hard and getting warmed up for the game. It’s like the guy singing the song is right along with you as you head into the game. The lyrics are perfect for soliciting pregame excitement. With phrases like “Remember the Titans” and “Cause I’m a warrior” it’s obvious why this is a great song to listen to before the game.


The background music is fast, even hypnotic. It’s almost impossible not to snap, clap, or just get up and stomp your feet when this song starts. The song has a modern, electronic sound but it’s still classic AC/DC. This song gets the hardcore, tough guy image going in your brain. The vocals in AC/DC are electric and full of energy no matter what the song, but this song in particular gets the crowd on their feet and singing along.

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