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MUGA Surfaces for Sports Purpose – Understanding the Basics

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MUGA stands for Multi Use Games Area. It is split into five sections: 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. let’s discuss about these five types.

The type 1 Multi Use Games Area is basically a macadam surface that is used for sports like tennis and basketball. Second type  Multi Use Games Area is a macadam surface that is used for sports like Netball. Third type Multi Use Games Area is a polymeric surface that is also used for Netball. The Type 4 Multi Use Games Area is entirely a polymeric surface that is ideal for sports like basketball and short version soccer.

Now, when speaking about type 5 MUGA, then there are three variants in this type: type 5a, type 5b, and type 5c. The type 5a is basically a sand filled surface ideal for sports like soccer and hockey. The type 5b is sand dressed surface that is mainly used for hockey sports, while the type 5c surface is basically a needle-punch surface that is used only for soccer and sometimes for hockey.

These kind of artificial turfs have evolved significantly over the last few years. With the introduction of All Weather Pitch Multi Sports artificial turf, the old grit artificial surfaces have slowly being dissolved. The primitive type of All Weather Artificial Turf Surfaces these days are being renovated constantly to All Weather Multi Sports Synthetic Surface Sports Pitches. This kind of upgraded pitch surfaces are perfect for hosting sports like football, basketball, rugby, netball, tennis, and hockey. These types of Multi Sports Ball Court facilities can be seen commonly in many parts all around the United Kingdom. This type of a surface plays well in nearly every type of weather conditions throughout the year. This was never true with those earlier artificial turfs.

Before opting for MUGA surfaces, it is necessary to focus strongly on 2G synthetic turf as well the 3G artificial grass quality factors. Also, it is necessary to understand about the different Multi Sports Synthetic Surfacing types as well 3G sports grass being used. Then, there are different MUGA packages available. Learn about the options in regards to suppliers, designing, cost-cutting, pricing, and contractors.  It is necessary to learn about the availability of multi-purpose synthetic sports surfacing for hosting different types of games in the UK.

The resurfacing processes in regards to sports surfaces, sport courts, as well all-weather pitches are necessary factors to focus at. When the surface gets older, there are healthy procedures for uplifting, removal, recycling, as well disposal and replacing of the old turf for a new one. Only specialized personnel can carry-out the process without any dispute. MUGA surfaces usually use any of the three variants for surface coating purpose: polymer, polyurethane, and acrylic. It entirely depends upon the user’s taste while picking the option.

The turf renovation process is no joke and not easy either. It takes quite a time to carry out the entire renovation process. The uplifting process is very strenuous and requires strong dedication in order to get the thing done. Next it comes to ball court resurfacing and sports grass replacement. This again, needs to be done once in every 16 months. The pitch upgrading task takes place along with it. Also, the sports surface area or turf should have a proper shock pad to prevent skidding and any sudden accidents during the events. STP as well ATP surfaces are also quite nice options when talking about shock pad resistive MUGA surfaces.

The all weather multi game surfaces should be maintained properly. The repair work will be somewhat hectic if not considered at regular intervals. Also, never forget to hire an expert professional to get the task done. There are also special types of Artificial Grass DIY Repair Kits available for the purpose. The all weather pitches costing factor depends mostly on the size and total area covered.

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