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Strategies for Left-Handed Tennis Players

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Tennis is indeed an interesting game. However, there is a difference in strategies that a left-handed player needs to dominate. As commonly known, if you are a left-handed player, you will be at advantage but then you must be aware of the right way of playing the game.

Proper Grip

The most important thing when you play a game is holding the tennis racket in the right way. These days, there are rackets that both right and left handed players can use. However, you need to find the grip and practice shots before actually playing against an opponent. Always remember to hold the handle on the edge. This will help in playing powerful shots. Some useful tips regarding the grip are:

  • Develop your style of playing the game. If you have taken professional training, you might know different styles but try to stick to one style so that you know your strengths. The grip also varies according to the style. Thus, focus on the forehand grip during practice sessions.
  • There are two types of backhand grips. One is the one handed grip and another is two-handed grip. One handed grip allows you to hit a number of shots and hence you must know the right technique.
  • Serving is an important part of the game and you need to use different grip. But then you need to be active enough to change the grip when the opponent hits the ball back to you. Therefore, understanding and practicing both the grips are essential.

The Right Strategies

During the game you need to have clear strategies in mind. Wrong moves or confusions can lead to defeat. You need to wait for the right time and opportunity to play the most powerful shot, which is the forehand. Thus, play towards the sides and hit at the right time so that you get maximum points. Play smart. Remember that forehand is your strength as it has power and proper spin. Right handed players find it difficult to tackle such shots.

If you are playing a doubles match, then you will be at great advantage just because you are a left-handed player. This is because you will not be looking towards the sun. It might not sound interesting but the fact is that the chances of blackout reduce drastically if you play with your left hand. These are small points that players usually ignore. Most players are right handed and hence they are used to play against a right handed opponent. This is also an advantage as the right handed players expect similar moves. This is an opportunity which you need to understand and use.

There are certain moves that you will get to learn during your training. If you are determined, and you practice the moves, then you ought to become a good player. Along with that, it is essential to choose a good coach who knows your strengths and weaknesses. He can help you train better, give you valuable advice, and raise you to your best! For more information on sports you could also turn to claim the William Hill bonus .

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