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The importance of rock climbing insurance

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Rock climbing is the ultimate in extreme sports as nothing quite beats that feeling of conquering a mountain as the conditions beat down on you and push you to your very limit. It is exhausting and only a select few people have what it takes to succeed, making it one of the most hard-core activities in the world today and as such you will encounter a lot of hazards which could potentially leave you with a serious injury. That’s why it is so important to protect yourself and one of the smartest things you could do is to take out rock climbing insurance.

There are varying levels of difficulty when it comes to rock climbing, but an accident can occur on even on the most intermediate of courses, which could leave you in a lot of pain. This can be expensive trying to get medical care, but if you take out insurance then you will be covered and helped out throughout the recovery process.

What will I be covered for?

Taking out an insurance policy for an extreme sport such as  rock climbing  is a no-brainier, because the risks that are involved could be devastating for you. As with most forms of insurance, there are several policies that you could take out that will insure you for a variety of things and you can tailor them to your own specific needs. Some common examples of what you could be covered for include:

  • Emergency Medical Cover – because rock climbing is a dangerous activity, the chances of you becoming injured are significantly increased and as such you may be in a great deal of pain. Taking out emergency medical cover will ensure that you are treated to the highest standards in case of an crisis
  • Search, Rescue and Recovery – the mountains can be a lonely and isolated place, while the conditions can also take a dramatic turn for the worse, which could result in you becoming lost. If you are insured then a search and rescue team will come and locate you regardless of your condition
  • Cancellation Cover ­– nobody can predict the future, but we can prepare for it and if you have planned to go on a rock climbing trip but you can’t make it, then you can claim back any traveling fees for cancelling the trip
  • Personal Accident Cover – if you are injured as a result of somebody else’s negligence, or you injure them, then a personal accident cover will protect you and help you with any costs that may come about as a result.
  • Baggage Cover – if you are planning on traveling abroad for your rock climbing experience then it is likely that you will be taking your expensive equipment along with you, so taking out baggage cover can protect your valuable items if they become lost or stolen

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