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Who Are The Biggest Brands In Football?

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One of the biggest complaints about replica football kits is that they are constantly changing and draining the average fan of their hard earned cash. Nevertheless, they do prove ‘addictive’ to the die hard supporter and as long as teams constantly release them, fans will regularly gobble them up from the superstores.

With the 2017/18 Premier League in its early stages, it is now a good time to look at what has changed with the football kits and which brands have sought to be prominently displayed on some of the most well recognized jerseys of the twenty Premier League teams. Over the past few years, we’ve seen an influx of both live and online bitcoin sports betting, or gaming, companies sponsoring football clubs.


Adidas, or as Americans pronounce it “A-dee-das”, is leading the way when it comes to Premiership sponsorship of football teams. Clearly they see deep value in getting their immediately familiar and iconic three stripes logo on as many players as possible across the league. Their football boots are well respected for their robustness, so the branding makes sense for the football clubs too.

Nine of the twenty clubs who are wearing Adidas this season include Chelsea, Sunderland, Hull, Swansea, West Brom, and Stroke, with newcomers Fulham, West Ham and Southampton joining the collection this season too. Additionally, if we take a look away from the highs of professional sport, Adidas is commonly seen on the amateur circuit thanks to companies such as Sportswear International who provide custom strips for Sunday League teams and the like.


Nike have gone all Manchester this year with both United and City now proudly displayed the tick or swoosh logo.

Everton are another of the established sides that boast Nike jerseys. The Toffees display the Thai beer & bottled water company “Beer Chang” logo on the jersey too, but as their Nike package continues into the second year, they have still revamped their tops with some minor design tweaks including a new collar. Some may say that was a good design choice, whereas others might cynically point out that such an unnecessary design change only serves to boost merchandising sales. You decide…


Puma sponsor three teams this year in Arsenal, Newcastle and Cardiff.

Cardiff are new to the Premier League this season and got into a spat with the locals around twelve months ago when they chose to swap their main jersey color from blue to red. Nevertheless, following their promotion to the top division, most people have now forgotten about this decision and their red strips are proving popular with supporters. Arsenal also have a story to tell and they happen to boast one of the most lucrative deals in the league, with their deal with Puma said to net them over £30m per season.

Going Against the Tide

Three sports clubs have accepted sponsorship, some new, some a continuing association, with brands that are not quite so familiar. Norwich will wear the Errea brand, Crystal Palace will join the Premier League this year with Avec, and Aston Villa is unchanged with Macron. Clearly the marketing teams behind these three brands feel the investment in Premier League sponsorship is worth the price of admission. We hope they’re right in that assessment.

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